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Sydney’s Fastest Printer!

Andre’ here.

I’m the owner of Sydney’s Fastest Printer, and I created our printing business to make your life easy with quality, fast print solutions in Sydney.

We are a different kind of print supplier


Firstly, I hand-pick and train every single member of my team, personally.

Second, we work hard to deliver on everything we promise on this site.

Third, we won’t treat you like a number. We believe you are very important.


Because I used to be where you are.

I was looking for a reliable printer in Sydney, who delivered quality printing every time.

I was working in marketing for entertainment and hospitality venues back then and my boss wanted everything by yesterday for half price and the specs usually changed every 10 minutes. Ok, I am exaggerating a little bit, but not much.

That was many years ago. Back then, I found that process very frustrating because, often, I didn’t get the service, price, speed or quality that  I thought I was entitled to. That’s why I created Sydney’s Fastest Printer.

Now, if this is your first visit to our website, let me point out a couple of things:

My team and I have been providing fast printing, graphic design and website services under the brand ‘Cheeky Monkey Marketing’ since 2005.

That means, we know what to do, how to do it and when to do it, so YOU get the result that you are after, every time. In fact we offer a quality and speed guarantee.

Andre Moreitz Owner of Sydney's Fastest Printer

It’s one thing, doing a few jobs on quick turnaround and delivering on time to a couple of clients once or twice a week, it’s quite another, claiming to be ‘Sydney’s Fastest Printer’ 5 days a week and guaranteeing: 
‘If we’re late, your print job is FREE’!*

I’m not writing this impress you.

I will leave that to our clients when you check out their reviews of our services.

I am simply saying that it takes a lot of effort to offer Sydney’s Fastest Printing and to offer new and vibrant Graphic Design week after week, year after year.

Back in 2005, we started with just 8 clients and since then, word has gotten out that we’re pretty fast and good at what we do when it comes to digital and offset printing, as well as Graphic design.

Today, Sydney’s Fastest Printer looks after hundreds of clients on a monthly basis.

For us, small, digital print jobs, such as a handful of A3 posters, A6 Promotional Postcards and urgent business cards for a product launch are just as important and easy to complete as 5000 x 24pp Saddle-Stitched glossy booklet with a 4pp hard cello-glazed cover, printed offset in 3-4 days.

Sure, the time and the processes required are quite different, but our implemented and monitored systems ensure that jobs get processed and completed fast and effectively, keeping each client informed along the way.

I believe business is all about person to person relationships and not about some fancy logo and marketing hype, or some advertised price promise, which ‘falls apart’ upon closer inspection.

I established Cheeky Monkey Marketing and Sydney’s Fastest Printer, to give small business owners as well as corporate clients a better deal.

If you’re in a hurry and you’re not even sure if you have the ‘right’ press-ready files, my production managers will assist.

If you don’t even have a design yet, my team of highly accomplished graphic designers can create anything from Poster, Media Wall and Banner Signage to Flyers, Product/Service Brochures and Booklets as well as Business Stationery.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new client and I personally guarantee, you’ll be happy with our service.

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way; each team member is so important to me. I couldn’t do what I do without them.

Once you contact us to help you, you’ll see we are indeed, the fastest printer in Sydney! 😉

Warmest regards,

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Sydney’s Fastest Printer